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Nov 03

Yoga Nidra with Gentle Rain Sounds for Soothing Anxiety

By Ally | Well Being , Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra meditation with gentle rain sounds is great to reduce anxiety. If you find nature sounds soothing, then this yog nidra meditation for anxiety can help you find deep relaxation, sleep with awareness, and explore sankalpa and visualization. This is a 40 minute yoga nidra for anxiety with a comforting female voice to guide you into yogic sleep. In this yoga nidra for anxiety and stress relief explore alternate body breathing, relaxing body scan, rotation of consciousness and inner peace. Please enjoy this full length yoga nidra for anxiety, nervous energy, let go of stress and find deep rest.

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Oct 28

15 Minute Yoga Nidra for Wellbeing

By Ally | Sound Bath , Yoga Nidra

This 15 minute yoga nidra meditation with crystal singing bowls is perfect for stress reduction. If you’re looking for a 15 minute nidra with a body scan, sound healing guided with a female voice then this nidra meditation is for you. This 15 minute relaxation is similar to integrative restoration or irest. It’s a sleep based meditation that is a great meditation for anxiety. This free yoga nidra is lead by Ally Boothroyd with singing bowl sound bath by Megan Marie Gates. This yogic sleep is a great meditation for anxiety.

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Oct 23

40 Minute Sound Bath Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Sound Bath , Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra for stress relief and deep relaxation is a 40 minute guided yoga nidra with swinging chimes sound bath meditation to sooth anxiety. This yoga nidra sound bath will take you easily into a state of deep relaxation. Let Megan Marie Gates’s sound bath with the swinging chimes take you to a place of total peace and presence. This yoga nidra sound healing with Ally Boothroyd guiding will reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nerves.

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Oct 19

20 Minute Voice Only Yoga Nidra for Grounding

By Ally | Yoga Nidra

This short yoga nidra with Ally Boothroyd is a voice only yoga nidra. This little yoga nidra is 20 minutes long. Join Ally from Sarovara Yoga for this 20 minute yog nidra with voice only, which means this yoga nidra has no music, no sounds and is guided by a female voice. If you are looking for a quick yoga nidra, a fast yoga nidra, a little yoga nidra, or a grounding yoga nidra, this guided meditation is for you. Yoga nidra is a sleep meditation, some use it as a meditation for sleep, some practice for deep rest, some use as a meditation for anxiety and stress.

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Oct 13

20 Minute Regenerating & Grounding Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Yoga Nidra

This 20 minute grounding yoga nidra is a guided meditation for deep regenerating and healing rest. Yoga nidra as a guided meditation is a great relaxation technique and so much more. This yoga nidra is healing for muladhara chakra & vata dosha by lowering vata, calming vata, using the earth element and forest visualization to balance muladhara, the root chakra and calm the nervous system.

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Oct 07

30 Minute Forest Bath Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Sleep Meditation , Yoga Nidra

In this 30 Minute Yoga Nidra, Ally Boothroyd will guide you through a relaxation and visualization for the element of earth (prithvi), the muladhara (root/base chakra), and vata dosha elevation (wind/air element elevation). A gentle forest visualization will calm, ground and balance vata, sooth anxiety, nourish the anna maya kosha (physical body) and invigorate muladhara chakra. It is a yoga nidra for the root chakra, easing anxiety and stress and feeling totally grounded and calm.

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Oct 01

7 Chakra Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Spirit , Yoga Nidra

This Full Length Hour Long Yoga Nidra is like a massage for the central nervous system and the energetic body. Sense & Cleanse each of the 7 main Chakras along the centre of the body.  ​In this hour long Yoga Nidra, I will guide you through a relaxation of the whole body and visualization for the […]

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Apr 01

Ocean Waves Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Moon Phases , Yoga Nidra

This Yoga Nidra is meant to sooth your nervous system and allow you to connect to the element of water. ​   ​In this 40 Minute Yoga Nidra, I will guide you through a relaxation and visualization for the element of water (jala), the yin energy of chandra (the moon). This is helpful for pitta […]

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