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Perhaps you've found your way here because someone in your life mentioned my free meditations. Or maybe you attended a Retreat or Teacher Training with me or found my Yoga Nidras on Youtube or Insight Timer. However you found your way here, I’m honored to share these resources and to walk on this path with you towards healing, thriving and awakening your full potential.


my name is ally

 and I love sharing all of the tools that helped me heal and recover from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and insomnia. One of my greatest allies has been Yoga Nidra, an effortless and deeply relaxing form of meditation known as Yogic Sleep.  This revitalizing practice has not only restored balance in my nervous system but transformed my entire life.

Chris Evans

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"I literally use one (at least!) of Ally's Yoga Nidra videos every day of my life, usually in the afternoon. They have been transformative when it comes to rebalancing my energy and reducing any attendant anxiety as a consequence of being run down. I simply could not believe how effective they were and have been telling anyone who will listen ever since. As part of my job I am up and out of the house by 4 a.m. most mornings and with five kids (including three year old twins), my wife and I often find ourselves running on fumes come mid afternoon. 
WELL NOT ANYMORE!! Just knowing we have Ally and her Nidra library in our back pocket makes our already fab life even more fab. I don't know what her secret is (and I don't really care!!!), all I do know is that Nidra is the bomb and Ally is the one."

Deepen your own practice & understanding of this meditative science that brings clarity, peace, resilience, fulfillment and purpose. Pay it forward to others. 

  online yoga nidra teacher training 


online yoga nidra teacher training

In this training you will be guided through a journey of transformation over 10 weeks to embody the wisdom of Yoga Nidra and become a guide of these life enhancing teachings.

"I honestly think it is one of the best trainings I have ever done. The topic was perfect for online and I am so glad that I got to work with people from around the world."

- Gail Boorstein Grossman, Author of "Restorative Yoga for Life" 


Yoga Nidra is systematic method of complete relaxation. It is a completely guided & 100% effortless meditation technique that takes you into the deepest states of rest and regeneration. All there is to do is lay down, get comfortable and listen to the guidance. The process is based on your body's innate intelligence and biological ability to sleep. There is no wrong way to practice this style of meditation. The power is in the simplicity for the practitioner. With cumulative practice, sleep deficits are restored and deepened states of meditation are achieved without effort. Over time, the benefits are endless....

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Join hundreds of other meditators in this supportive online community who are gaining peace, clarity and insight from dozens of free meditations on stillness, gratitude, hope, the heart, the elements, moon cycles, the breathe and so much more.


The mind benefits from stillness, the body benefits from movement. Give your body the gift of movement medicine. Browse Ally's Library of free classes that are all taught in a Kripalu/Amrita style of movement with breathe: meditation in motion.

deep rest

The skills of rest, relaxation and sleep. Did you know that these are some of the most important skills to cultivate? That they are all intimately interconnected and that they take practice? Start taking your rest & sleep skills more seriously and begin today.