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Dec 14

Yoga Nidra For Deep Winter Rest

By Ally | Meditation

welcome & namaste,This Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra For Deep Rest is led by Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga. This 37 minute guided yoga Nidra for deep winter rest has a gentle female voice and grounding binaural beats for even deeper relaxation. This midwinter yoga Nidra includes a lengthy body scan for deep rest to soothe […]

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Nov 30

Yoga Nidra Massage For Your Nervous System

By Ally | Meditation

welcome & namaste, Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that uses a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This yogic sleep technique calms the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic (relaxation, rest & digest) response. In this yoga nidra guided meditation to relax you will be guided through a body scan […]

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Nov 09

30 Minute Non Sleep Deep Rest Yoga Nidra

By Haleigh Kimble | Meditation

welcome & namaste, Non Sleep Deep Rest Yoga Nidra (NSDR) is a Tool for De-Stress and Relaxation. It’s the scientific term coined to describe the state of Yoga Nidra. A state described by Sanskrit scholars as “peace beyond words”. This non-sleep deep rest protocol is a technique recommended by Dr. Andrew Huberman. He talks about […]

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