Apr 14

Step One: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

By Ally | Meditation

welcome & namaste,Many of you have asked me how to practice the psychic nadi shodhana or imagined alternate nostril breathing. Don’t feel frustrated if you tried a yoga nidra and it felt like it was tricky or didn’t make sense to you. It’s important to learn the beginner steps first and then start to work […]

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Mar 27

10 Minute Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest

By Ally | Meditation , Yoga Nidra

This 10 minute grounding yoga nidra helps calm stress and anxiety. It’s a short, effective yogic sleep practice with natural forest sounds and birdsong to create even deeper relaxation and states of innate healing through slowing down the brainwaves and activating the parasympathetic response. This meditation uses a breath studied by Dr. Andrew Huberman and his Huberman Lab called the physiological sigh.

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Mar 23

How To Reset Circadian Rhythm | How I Automated My House

By Ally | Insomnia , Neuroscience

In this blog post/video I talk about how to reset the circadian rhythm and how to automate your house for your circadian rhythm. I go into the tips and tricks on how to time lights for circadian rhythm to release melatonin at the right time of day to help you sleep. How to support your natural body clock and how to fix your sleep schedule. If you suffer with insomnia like I used to fixing your sleep schedule is so important to overall wellbeing. I love sharing tips on how to fix your sleep and in this video I talk about how to reset your circadian rhythm using lights in your home. This method is all backed up by the latest neuroscience on how to fix your sleeping pattern, reset your sleep schedule and get your internal clock & hormones working on the rhythm they were intended to, with sunlight! I hope that implementing some of these tips will help you fall asleep, sleep better therefore improve your overall life 🙂

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Mar 19

Spring Equinox Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Ayurveda , Meditation , Yoga Nidra

This spring equinox yoga nidra is a yogic sleep guided practice for the vernal equinox. Visualizations of light, the sunrise, seedlings, bird song all help welcome in this spring equinox 2021. It’s a new beginning meditation but also a deep relaxation which you might also know as non sleep deep rest (NSDR). You can practice this spring equinox ritual for spring renewal as many times as you like with Nidra guide Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga.

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Mar 09

ten minute yoga nidra | reset your nervous system

By Ally | Yoga Nidra

In this yoga nidra guided meditation to relax you will be guided through a body scan to calm the nervous system, It’s a 10 minute yoga nidra guided relaxation for stress relief. This guided meditation includes a relaxation technique that I learned from Andrew Huberman which is the double inhale long exhale breath. It’s a 10min yoga nidra script lead by Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga that is perfect for stress management. Lay down, relax, rest and meditate all at the same time!

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Nov 23

30 minute yoga nidra for health and deep healing

By Ally | Meditation

WELCOME & NAMASTE,This yoga nidra healing sound bath will take you easily into a state of deep regenerative relaxation. Let Megan Marie Gates’s sound bath with the healing swinging chimes take you to a place of total peace, presence and cellular healing. This yoga nidra sound healing with myself (Ally Boothroyd) guiding will reduce stress […]

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