Jul 20

welcome & namaste,

This Annamaya Kosha Yoga Nidra will take you down into your physical body into a state of deep regenerative relaxation through rotation of consciousness. Let the binaural beats take you to a place of total peace, presence and regeneration. This yoga nidra for annamaya kosha with myself (Ally Boothroyd) guiding will reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nerves.

This 35 minute yoga nidra meditation with binaural beats music is perfect for stress reduction and sensing the physical body. If you’re looking for a 35 minute nidra with a body scan, sound healing guided with a female voice then this nidra meditation is for you. This 35 minute relaxation is similar to integrative restoration or irest. It’s a sleep based meditation that is a great meditation for inducing states of relaxation that are scientifically proven to reduce stress. This free yoga nidra is lead by Ally Boothroyd with binaural meditation. This yogic sleep is a great meditation for connecting to and feeling the physical body. 

ytt grad

"On a personal level cultivating a sankalpa, inner resource and writing down my karmic patterns has helped me tremendously. I've noticed that it also has affected my work. I'm feeling more confident regarding my path. Since restrictions has opened up here in Sweden I have got some more breathwork events. I feel that especially my inner resource has helped me to stay more grounded and true from the start of the sessions. I've had a feeling during the course that the teachings and what I've done before with breathwork and sound journeying will melt together very well. Many aha moments there on how I can approach it and blend it together. I'm aiming to give lots of time for the teachings to sink in."

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