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Nov 09

Coming Soon: 5 Day Vata Season Immersion

By Ally | Meditation

Vata Season Immersion: November 22-26 What is Vata? This ancient Sanskrit term describes the “dosha” that relates to the air element. Vata season can elevate this element within our selves which can lead to feelings of anxiety, nervousness, panic, fear, inconsistency. Feeling overwhelmed. It can cause light, interrupted sleep. Mentally it can lead to spacey […]

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Sep 05

Restorative Yoga Immersion Day Three

By Ally | Meditation

welcome & namaste, Today is the day 3 of our restorative yoga immersion and lands on the New Moon if you are following along in real time.  We really hope that you enjoy the benefits of this deeply nourishing restorative inversion. We would absolutely love to hear from you today in the comments on Youtube, […]

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Sep 04

Restorative Yoga Immersion Day Two

By Ally | Restorative Yoga , Yoga

welcome & namaste, Here we are on Day Two of our #moontomoonrestorativeyoga immersion.  Today’s Sadhana (practice) will be lead by the lovely Tiina, my co-director of the School of Living Yoga and co-creator of Moon to Moon Restorative Yoga Online YTT.  I hope that you enjoy this blissful and meditative practice with Tiina, let us know […]

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