Nov 09

Vata Season Immersion: November 22-26

What is Vata? This ancient Sanskrit term describes the "dosha" that relates to the air element. Vata season can elevate this element within our selves which can lead to feelings of anxiety, nervousness, panic, fear, inconsistency. Feeling overwhelmed. It can cause light, interrupted sleep. Mentally it can lead to spacey or scattered thoughts or excess worrying and thinking. It's also said to cause lack of focus or poor memory. 

There are so many wonderful grounding, calming and soothing practices to bring our vata back into balance and we are going to go into a deep dive into these tools from the Yoga & Ayurveda traditions over this 5-Day Immersion!

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Mary Powell 

Little souls yoga app & tsyntt graduate

I signed up for this course with the intention of supporting my 9 year old daughter manage her anxiety. However, serendipitously it has lead me me on a journey of self healing. This comprehensive course provides the perfect balance of science, practical and spiritual knowledge, required to support myself and others. I am forever grateful to Ally and her team for the breadth of knowledge and wisdom they have given our group. I feel forever connected to all of you!


About the Author

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliency, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. Ally also leads Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nosara, Costa Rica