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Oct 06

5 Minute Metta Meditation

By Ally | Meditation

Welcome. I’m so glad you are here. This 5-minute meditation is a metta (loving kindness/compassion) guided meditation.  This short guided meditation is very beginner friendly and will guide you through the practice of metta in a quick and powerful way. When you shift your energy to one of compassion/loving kindness, it makes a huge impact on […]

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Sep 10

5 Minute Meditation – Self Love

By Ally | Meditation , Well Being

This short guided meditation will help you to cultivate self love, self compassion, ahimsa (non-violence) and a healthier relationship to yourself, your body, your mind.  It’s so important for each of us to learn how to practice self love, because when we don’t love ourselves, we are not able to truly express unconditional love towards […]

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Jul 23

Breath to Calm the Nervous System

By Ally | Meditation , Well Being

TIP – use headphones for ease of hearing on this video (this is my first video ever before I owned a microphone!) This is the first technique I teach my students when they are new to learning meditation. The most common obstacle I seem to hear about is an “overactive mind” or “thoughts racing” or “mental […]

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Jul 11

15 Minute Morning Meditation

By Ally | Gratitude , Meditation

Practice this meditation in the morning to calm the nervous system, feel grounded, grateful and emotionally resilient. ‚Äč   This is one of my FIRST online meditations that I ever recorded. I didn’t have a microphone at the time, so you may like to use earbuds for ease of hearing.   I’m so grateful that […]

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