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This Yoga Nidra Grounding Relaxation Full Body Scan is like a massage for the central nervous system. 

In this 30 Minute Yoga Nidra, I will guide you through a relaxation and visualization for the element of earth (prithvi), the muladhara (root/base chakra), and vata dosha elevation (wind/air element elevation).


A gentle forest visualization will calm, ground and balance vata, sooth anxiety, nourish the anna maya kosha (physical body) and invigorate muladhara chakra.


Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that helps with insomnia, anxiety, stress, adrenal fatigue, ptsd and so much more. This scan takes you through the whole body, systematically relaxing every part of your being.

Yoga Nidra translates as psychic sleep and is a systematic method of inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation, while maintaining awareness at deeper levels.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided into deep relaxation. Allow the Nidra to bring amazing clarity of mind, calmness and stillness. It is one of the deepest forms of meditation leading to supreme quietness and insight. 

The depth of Yoga Nidra is far beyond just relaxation. During the practice, you leave your waking state and the body goes into deep sleep state, yet yoga can remain awake and aware in the mind.

Scientific research has demonstrated that restorative power of just one hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 4 hours or more of deep and healthy sleep. Tension and anxiety melt away with a profound experience of muscular, mental and emotional relaxation.


In Yoga Nidra we can embody a state of receptivity and creativity. Over time and practice, it becomes blissfully rejuvenating and restorative and taps into an inner calm and a state of ease and relaxation effortlessly.

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Alexa Tomaszewski

ytt graduate

"As a yoga instructor and meditation guide I was interested in taking my teaching practice deeper particularly in terms of guided meditation. I had practiced Yoga Nidra before and was curious about it. I have known Ally for many years and her wise and invitational nature made the course an easy choice. I had no doubt this program would be trauma informed and culturally appropriate - and it exceeded my expectations in this way. Ally’s fusion of teaching ancient Vedic techniques and neuroscience really illustrates the purpose and power of a regular yoga nidra practice, as well as honours it’s cultural roots."


About the Author

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliency, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. Ally also leads Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nosara, Costa Rica

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