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Nov 23

welcome & namaste,

Yay! You made it to Day 5! I am so excited to share these tools with you today as they have been so life-changing for me personally. 

I have so much to share and hopefully you find at least one thing that you'd like to try or implement to help soothe your vata dosha. 

First, this: 

When my vata is elevated or when it's vata season, I will often bring the same thing in for breakfast every day for a couple of weeks in a row. This regularity of the timing and consistency of foods in itself is helpful for me but especially vata soothing things like apples, oats & cinnamon.

I mentioned how vita Abhyanga has been for regulating my vata elevations in the past and here is a great resource if you have't already learned about Abhyanga 

You might also be excited to join me this vata season in the Winter Solstice Restoration where I dive really deep into all of these tools with you ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Another thing to explore if you are a primary vata dohsa in your constitution is to take up skin care for your dosha specifically! 

I've mentioned many times over this Immersion the importance of consistency and routine for soothing vata. What is more powerful that bringing in an Ayurvedic daily routine? It's been a life-changing practice for me, even if I don't do a whole long version and I am only able to bring in a few key elements of my routine (lemon water, tongue scraping and 5 minute meditation for example) 

Speaking of meditation, bringing a meditation or yoga nidra practice in at the same time each morning/day is ever so grounding and soothing for any vata symptoms. I said I would share some 5 minute meditations and 10 minute yoga nidras with you. Here are some resources you can come back to again and again. 

Wow, that was a lot of Meditations and Yoga Nidras. I encourage you to start building your own PlayList with your favourite go-to recordings for each! You can also check out my recording collection here: 

Next up! This ever so handy Vata Season Survival Guide from Tiffany: 

This list she's created has so many helpful tips! I can attest that each of these suggestions indeed work wonders when I am dealing with high vata symptoms. 

And who could forget Golden Mylk... let's say I used to try to make my own golden mylk but it just doesn't compare to the amazingness of this Mylk by Rasa: 

And last but now least. Kitchari!!! Like I mentioned in my video, I love kitchari and it's sooooo soothing. I will make a big pot and then eat it for lunch (and sometimes dinner too) for a whole week or sometimes more. Along with the apple bake, this consistency in diet is very helpful. I bring it in at least once per vata season. 

I hope that you enjoyed this immersion and learned something new! I'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you want to share something you learned or ask a question ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Also you can find details about everything I mentioned if you'd like to dive deeper into the teachings with us below! 

Michelle Delahaye

past retreat guest

"I mostly loved the different styles & how you both [Ally and Tiina] complimented each others style. You both put together a wonderful experience for all ages & levels of experience. The time & effort you both put into making sure there was plenty to see & do did not go unnoticed. My sister loved taking her surf lessons and my favourite part was beach yoga "


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