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Mar 23

Hello & Welcome My Friends! 

This blog post and video are coming to you at the request of many people! So thank you to each of your who have asked and encouraged me to share this process that we've created in our home.

We're talking all about how to reset or optimize your circadian rhythm!

I go into the specifics of how I automated my house (or really, how Jay automated our house for me) to support our circadian rhythm and natural melatonin production using lights & sounds.

This is really cool you guys, and I'm so happy with how effective it is for our kids and just how well it works in general. I've added links to all of the things and details below but if you have the time, you can watch this quick little video where I explain all the things and you can see them in action: 

Many of you here on my channel & blog have asked for more support with sleep and supporting your natural rhythms, specifically the circadian rhythm. I also get questions from people about the hormone melatonin all of the time. While I'm NOT a doctor and you should definitely seek out your own medical advice, I am a huge fan of lifestyle choices and natural ways to support our bodies with natural melatonin production and sleep.

I've also had many of you ask me exactly HOW we've automated our house to help our natural biological clocks work as they were intended to. So in this video, I explain exactly what we do and what products we use to automate our house to really support these natural biological systems in our bodies.

Our bodies already know what to do, if they are giving the right cues from the environment around us! 

It's so cool. This method basically teaches your body how to reset circadian rhythm with melatonin, but in a natural way using lights. 

I mention in this video the work of Dr. Andrew Huberman whose podcast I thoroughly enjoy and he talks more about how this process of using light to set our Circadian Rhythm works in this episode.  In this podcast he talks all about the how to release your melatonin at the RIGHT time based on how much blue light you are getting first thing in the morning. It's fascinating AND it works.


What I've found is that if you automate your house for your circadian rhythm using the tips on how to time your lights properly it helps to release melatonin at the right time of day to help you sleep. It's amazing how it can support your natural body clock and help to fix your sleep schedule when using these techniques. If you suffer with insomnia like I used to, fixing your sleep schedule is so important to overall wellbeing. It feels so good to be getting to sleep at the right time consistently each day. This method is all backed up by the latest neuroscience on how to fix your sleeping pattern, reset your sleep schedule and get your internal clock & hormones working on the rhythm they were intended to, with sunlight! I hope that implementing some of these tips will help you fall asleep, sleep better therefore improve your overall life πŸ™‚ 

These are all of the products that we use to automate our house. We simply use the "home" app on our iPhones to schedule and control each light and speaker in our home. It's the first time I've ever been excited about Jay's intense need to automate our whole house with the latest gadgets and technology guys. Since using this stuff to automate our house to be even more peaceful, we're finally on the same page about automating the home! This little kit got us started in our master bedroom. 

This little guy is great, you can have it sitting on your dining room table in the candlelit setting or you can point it at a wall and have it do sunset hues or red light. I love it. 

This little HomePod Mini can turn on forest sounds in the morning and night time sounds at specific times. We have Siri turn on "forest sounds" each day at 7am when the daylight lights come on and then "night time" sounds at 7pm when we start to wind the kids down for bedtime (2.5 hours before we want them to be asleep) 

The light that's in our daughter's room is really cool because it can basically do any colour you can imagine. So, of course she LOVES it!! It can be pink or green or blue. However we've got it set to sunset colours at 7pm and then after bedtime it's a red low colour that doesn't disrupt her sleep, then at 7am when it turns on the bright sunlight/daylight mode, she wakes right up without an alarm! πŸ™‚ 

Our next thing that we are going to add at some point is these light strips under the open shelfs that we are adding to our kitchen. I think it's going to be really good πŸ™‚ 

Ok, one last thing that Jay says we are going to add to the system one day is these little guys. I'll be honest, I'm not even sure what they are or where they will go but I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome, just like the rest of this process as been πŸ™‚ 

Thanks for being here, thanks for your interest and questions, keep them coming!

Jay can also answer any Q's in the comments below!

Love you guys.


Kayt Ward

ytt graduate

"As a graduating social worker, I have been overjoyed to take Ally's nidra course. Understanding how yoga nidra impacts the brain on a cellular and hormonal level has provided evidence based knowledge for me to use in practice that complements the spiritual knowing I already felt. The online experience has been one of the smoother ones of my COVID isolation. After using yoga nidra in my own mental health healing journey, I am happy to have taken this course to incorporate yoga nidra in the classroom, the birthing room, and in trauma-informed practice."


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