May 19


Many of you have asked me how to practice the psychic nadi shodhana or imagined alternate nostril breathing. Don’t feel frustrated if you tried a yoga nidra and it felt like it was tricky or didn’t make sense to you. It’s important to learn the beginner steps first and then start to work with it more in your energy body. This is the second lesson of a 3 part series, I suggest working with the first lesson for 3-4 weeks every morning before moving to the next step. 

In this tutorial I teach step two of this pranayama, alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana. This breathing technique is also sometimes referred to as nadi shodhan, or anulom vilom (this version often has breath retention). This pranayama for beginners is great for anxiety relief and I used it every morning for years to get my panic attacks under control. 

Stephanie Triemstra

ytt graduate

" I am an obstetrical Registersed Nurse, RYT200, Prenatal Yoga Certified & creator of Ocean Soul Yoga. I did my RYT200 with Tiina & Ally back in 2016 & I’m so thankful I am connecting again with Ally & Tiina taking Ally’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. Ally touches my life and opens up a space of connection, comfort & acceptance every time I take a training with her. I feel a shift, an awakening & inspired at her depth of knowledge regarding the brain, being a business owner & so honest & authentic about her past history of how Yoga Nidra helped transform her life. I would highly recommend this teacher training to everyone - yoga teachers, non yoga teachers, nurses, moms & anyone who is breathing on this earth. The blessing that Ally is to this world cannot be put into words - I am so appreciative to continue to cross paths & connect with her. " 

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