Nov 09

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Non Sleep Deep Rest Yoga Nidra (NSDR) is a Tool for De-Stress and Relaxation. It's the scientific term coined to describe the state of Yoga Nidra. A state described by Sanskrit scholars as "peace beyond words".

This non-sleep deep rest protocol is a technique recommended by Dr. Andrew Huberman. He talks about the evidence based science that this tool for relaxation & wellness will help de-stress and calm the nervous system. Dr. Huberman’s research from Stanford shows that this particular NSDR technique calms the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic (relaxation, rest & digest) response. 


Join our next free 5 Day Immersion, where we will dive deep into all of the Yogic & Ayurvedic practices and tools to further calm and soothe the whole nervous system. 

Vata Season Immersion Coming This November 22-26

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Karin DesChamp

Restorative yoga teacher training grad

" The methods of awareness taught in the course opened a door that had previously been closed to me. I was awestruck! My favourite part of the training was being involved in all of the final practice teaches along with the practices that Ally and Tiina led. The online learning methodologies worked exceptionally well for me in every aspect! Ally is soft-spoken and exudes the "yoga off the mat" persona. She is well-versed in the theoretical and practical aspects of Restorative Yoga. Tiina speaks from the heart in a most authentic and gentle way that makes one want to stay put and not miss a word. Her guidance oozes knowledge and competency."

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