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Jun 13

Breathing Into Sleep

By Ally | Meditation

This guided meditation is a sleep meditation which includes some light pranayama. This meditation for sleep is great for insomnia. The breathing techniques help you to fall asleep fast. If you cant sleep, the ocean waves and guided breathing along with guided deep relaxation will lead you to fall asleep faster. This sleeping technique will […]

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Oct 13

20 Minute Regenerating & Grounding Yoga Nidra

By Ally | Yoga Nidra

This 20 minute grounding yoga nidra is a guided meditation for deep regenerating and healing rest. Yoga nidra as a guided meditation is a great relaxation technique and so much more. This yoga nidra is healing for muladhara chakra & vata dosha by lowering vata, calming vata, using the earth element and forest visualization to balance muladhara, the root chakra and calm the nervous system.

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