Oct 19

welcome & namaste,

Melissa Burton

transformational sleep ytt graduate

"Going into this course I already had a decent base understanding of what Yoga Nidra is, and how to lead it…or so I thought. I decided to jump into this course anyway, as I love to learn all there is to know about any given subject. I am so glad that I did! Ally’s ability to bring the science of Yoga Nidra into the training, while still being sensitive to it’s yogic roots is absolutely fantastic. I have learned so much more about why we do what we do, and how to skillfully lead someone in and out of a Nidra. I am much more confident leading my clients through their nidra practices now, and I am very grateful for that."


About the Author

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliency, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. Ally also leads Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nosara, Costa Rica