COMING SPRING 2021 - 6 Week Online Yoga Nidra Immersion with Ally Boothroyd

I am forever grateful for the supportive & heart-driven community that comes together to learn with each other in my online courses. Would you like to join us?

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In this training you will be guided through a journey of transformation in the way of a Yoga Nidra Immersion over 6 weeks!

Deepen your own practice & understanding of this meditative science that brings clarity, peace, resilience, fulfillment and purpose.

You will learn all about the law of Karma and how to understand how impressions (samskaras), thoughts & emotions affect your core beliefs and the results in your life, and how to “re-wire” your Karmic patterns through the process of intention (sankalpa) 

Learn all about the subtle bodies (maya koshas) the physical, energetic, mental/emotional, witness, and pure presence; into the deepest states of healing and pure abiding consciousness. 

Why is yoga nidra so powerful and healing? Learn the latest in neuroscience that supports why this ancient practice is the best anecdote to modern day stress. 

Learn Together with me Online.

I am forever grateful for the supportive & heart-driven community that comes together to learn with each other in my online courses. Would you like to join us?

Winter Solstice Restoration

This grounding & nourishing journey includes all of my favourite restorative practices on earth.

5 Element Yoga Journey

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit. Join this 5 day yoga journey that you can come back to again and again.

Spring Equinox Awakening

My next online journey will take place this March as we move into the waxing phase of the year. The time of new beginnings. Germinating, spouting, growing, evolving.

Meditation 101

Join hundreds of other meditators in Ally's next FREE 10 day guided meditation challenge THIS MARCH! Create a healthy habit in a supportive community.

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally,
it comes from what you do consistently. 
Practice, practice, practice.”

Reflection on Winter Solstice Restoration

I had a very quiet Christmas day so much so that I can actually say I felt peaceful. That night was the best nights sleep in so long. Between taking a much needed break and also practicing the daily activities I can feel my body beginning to reset itself. Thank you for this Ally! I am so grateful!

~ Cheryl Maxwell

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Join hundreds of other meditators in this supportive online community who are gaining peace, clarity and insight from dozens of free meditations on stillness, gratitude, hope, the heart, the elements, moon cycles, the breathe and so much more.


The mind benefits from stillness, the body benefits from movement. Give your body the gift of movement medicine. Browse Ally's Library of free classes that are all taught in a Kripalu/Amrita style of movement with breathe: meditation in motion.

deep rest

The skills of rest, relaxation and sleep. Did you know that these are some of the most important skills to cultivate? That they are all intimately interconnected and that they take practice? Start taking your rest & sleep skills more seriously and begin today.

Learn Together with Me Live

These experiences will allow you the space to nurture yourself in the most gentle and restorative way. You’ll take home new tools that will not only support your own self-care regimens, but will help you to support and serve your family, your community, and beyond.

Prepare to let go of the busyness of life in order to pause and listen to your heart’s desires. Replenish and fill your cup. Slow down, let go, embrace, nourish, and heal within a safe, welcoming, and supportive space. Re-enchant your spirit within the presence of the natural surroundings. Nourish yourself with vital, plant based foods. To feel renewed. Retreats are my all time favourite way to dive deep into what's needed at each particular phase of life.