Nothing brings me more joy than to share these simple yet profound teachings with the world!

Sarovara Yoga Studio - Bobcaygeon Pigeon Lake - Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Trainings

200 & 300 Hour Trainings

Take the deep dive into the teachings of yoga with Ally & Tiina in their Amrita Living Yoga Teacher Trainings. Together, their approach bridges the depth of classical yoga with creative, evolutionary approaches to one’s own awakening.

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Sarovara Yoga Studio - Bobcaygeon Pigeon Lake

Yoga Classes at Sarovara

Practice with me in Bobcaygeon!

Ally’s classes at Sarovara Yoga Studio in Bobcaygeon range from gentle/restorative yoga to hot yoga, aerial yoga to stand up paddle board yoga. She loves all kinds of yoga and infuses every class she teaches with meditation and that “Kripalu” touch.

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Sarovara Yoga Studio - Bobcaygeon Pigeon Lake Women's Retreat Ally Boothroyd

Retreats & Workshops

Nourish Every Layer of your Being

Ally’s retreat team is famous for their full day yoga retreats and they way they revitalize our guests. Our workshops include experiences like restorative reiki yoga with aromatherapy to rejuvenate every layer of the self; mind, body & spirit.

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Online Courses

I’m really excited to announce that I am creating my first ever online course. It’s been a labour of love and I am in the home stretch of getting it finished. It’s been a big adventure for me. I’m learning so much along the way. I can’t wait to share this first course with the world. A course for women called “Moving with the Moon” which will teach how to integrate the intelligence of the natural world in all of it’s ebbs and flows of energy within the comfortable sanctuary of your own home.

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