I’m Ally Boothroyd.
I’m a small-town Canadian meditation teacher, yoga educator and nature enthusiast with big dreams. My obsessions: avocados, sloths, and not wearing pants. Can I just live in a comfy dress please? I love gardening, the tropics and being a mom. My happy place is in water, sitting on my surf board watching the sunset or meditating by the lake as the sun rises. I have a natural curiousity about neuroscience, ayurveda and wellness and I LOVE sharing the tools that healed me from dibilitating panic attcks.


Here are some of my all time favourite tools and practices to keep myself feeling grounded, calm & safe. Over time, these simple practices have brought me much more peace, patience and trust in life. Not to mention they have brough me the ability to revel in the beautiful synchronicities that consistently and magically appear all around me. The more I practice, the more I find a natural reverence for the mystery of life and also my connection to it all. In a more practical sense, these tools straight up makes me a better mom, a more patient wife, a more grounded teacher and space holder, a more compassionate friend. They help me to tap into a seemingly endless supply of personal power. For all of these reasons, it it my mission to spread these teachings far and wide and make them accessible to all who need them. What are you waiting for? Become the most radiant person you know!

Sarovara Yoga Studio - Bobcaygeon Pigeon Lake

Meditation Challenge

10 Day Online Journey

Join our community of hundreds of beginner and long time meditators as I lead you through a 10 day guided experience that will have you feeling all of the warm fuzzies. Prepare to feel grateful, aligned, embodied and connected to yourself, your purpose & the world.

I want to feel amazing.

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45 Minute Yoga Nidra

A guided “sleep” meditation

Join thousands of other sleep-deprived, stesser-outers who have found refuge in my guided yoga nidra. I get thank you emails on the daily about this recording! And guess what?! There are bonus surprise yoga nidras when you sign up as well! (I’m no good at secrets.)

I want to feel renewed.

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My Morning Routine

23 Step Ayurvedic Dinacharya

Ayurvedic Morning Ritual has profoundly changed my life and the level that I am able to function at on the daily. I used to suffer from a chronic long term “vata imbalance”. Trust me when I tell you that nothing else has helped me feel more grounded and aligned than this.

I want to feel grounded.

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