to Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 

I'm so honoured to be your guide on this powerful journey into the life changing practice of yogic sleep.

Here are some recommended practices to explore leading up to the training

Recommended Readings

Here are some recommended (but not necessary) readings to explore leading up to the training.

Do you need to do any extra reading leading up to the training??? Absolutely No!  This is specifically for trainees who have been asking and want to dive deeper into their own learning and who love to (and have time to) read! What is most important is practicing. So if you are limited for time, please focus on an experiential practice of yoga nidra and meditation. 

It's recommended to have some understanding and practice in meditation to support your journey

(this practices range from more beginner/shorter experiences to longer/more in depth)

Yoga Nidra reveals True Nature by its distinct flavour as unshakable peace, equanimity, compassionate love, discriminative wisdom, and authentic and spontaneous action.”   - Richard Miller



Join hundreds of other meditators in this supportive online community who are gaining peace, clarity and insight from dozens of free meditations on stillness, gratitude, hope, the heart, the elements, moon cycles, the breathe and so much more. 


The mind benefits from stillness, the body benefits from movement. Give your body the gift of movement medicine. Browse Ally's Library of free classes that are all taught in a Kripalu/Amrita style of movement with breathe: meditation in motion. 

deep rest

The skills of rest, relaxation and sleep. Did you know that these are some of the most important skills to cultivate? That they are all intimately interconnected and that they take practice? Start taking your rest & sleep skills more seriously and begin today. 

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